HEA dessert party, or fireworks cruise?

I have two days at WDW. We were planning on one day at MK then one day at AK.

We recently got upgraded to Yacht Club, which makes a fireworks cruise attractive. The IllumiNations cruises are sold out but there’s a HEA cruise on our 2nd (AK) day.

My MK day has us arrive at RD, take a mid-day break, then return for dinner, a HEA dessert party, and an extra ride or two. It’s a long day and I’m somewhat concerned about fighting for transport to get back with some strung-out kids.

The AK day has no mid-day break, so we’re planning to have an early dinner at 545 and then head back to the hotel.

The alternate plan I’m considering is to return to MK for dinner and more rides, but leave before HEA starts for a more reasonable bedtime. Then, on the AK day, we’d return to the hotel in time to board a fireworks cruise to watch HEA from the water, on a private boat, before leaving on our cruise the next day.

The thought of not fighting throngs of people during fireworks is very appealing. Do these logistics seem overly complicated? Will we be able to see all the projections from the boat? What would you do?

You would need to get to a MK resort for the fireworks cruise? Any chance you could get to MK in time to go to the HEA after party? That allows you a view of the castle (a must in my opinion for HEA) and you are eating desserts as everyone is leaving the area.

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Further research suggests the cruise would not give me anywhere near a good enough view of the castle projections, so I guess the cruise is a non-starter unless someone cancels an IllumiNations one.

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