HEA at the California Grill

Looking for reviews of Happily Ever After from California Grill.

I haven’t seen it from there yet, but having seen Wishes there, I would assume that a lot of the projections will be lost due to distance. The FW should be great, and the lasers might be really spectacular. Also remember, that for the parties, they will be going back to the “old” shows.


@bswan what time do suggest for the ADR to see the fireworks?

A dinner for me at CG starts with drinks, then an app, then entree, and ends with dessert and coffee. I aim for an ADR about 90 min before whatever time the show is scheduled to start. I find that this times out so I’m done with my entree just about the time the show starts, I go out on the deck to watch the show,and then come back to the table for dessert and coffee - and sometimes an after dinner drink, depending on the occasion.


I should add that the most “perfect” timing is that you arrive just before sunset (on a nice day, sunset is amazing from CG, and you can watch the lights in the MK come on) and stay until after the FW - but that only really works for a limited number of days - without it being a REALLY long dinner…


One of my co-workers just got back and was there during opening week. They decided to eat dinner at CG to avoid the crowd at MK, and he said they could see the fireworks but felt like they missed out on a lot. They couldn’t see the projections on the castle well at all.

To clarify your point Bswan, are you saying if you went to MVMCP you see Holiday Wishes and not a version of HEA?

That is what I have read.