HEA at 8:15 then to Skipper Canteen at 8:55 (9:00 close)

Will this work? (more characters here to make this a complete post)

Ive also got Raglan Road at 9:45. Think I could get there in time if I watch HEA at 8:15, then Uber to DS?

When I looked this up the other day it looks like HEA is 18 minutes. I think Skippers is a lot safer.


Skipper canteen will work nicely.


HEA will end at 8:33 so Skippers works perfectly. I would be too stressed to attempt RR. Plus getting an Uber may be difficult and will definitely be expensive. Not worth it when Skippers is so good too.


No reason it shouldn’t.

I’m doing that exact thing in September.