HEA and train station viewing?

I have always wanted to watch the fireworks from the train station… How early are people allowed to get a spot and is the view worth waiting for a long time?


Great question! I can’t wait to see what people say.


Can’t answer your question be we did this once, several years ago. It was nice to be out of the throngs of people.

Not a great view of projections though.


Is it open for everyone? I thought it was VIP viewing space. I may be getting MK and DL mixed up though.


It is open to everyone at least at WDW.

I saw fireworks from there in February. I grabbed a spot 20 minutes or so before they started and had a row or two of people in front of me. It’s a nice spot for fireworks but you can’t see the projections well. I also couldn’t hear well. When the music was loud, it was better but I couldn’t make out the narration at all. I was not in the front row. I think if you were right up along the railing you could hear better. They also keep the lights on up there so it’s not totally dark.