HEA 2x viewing conundrum

We are planning to watch HEA twice during our upcoming trip–once from the hub in MK and once from Cali Grill. One will be on day 2 and one will be our last night on day 9. DH and I have seen HEA from both locations but our kids (2 teens, 2 kids) have not seen it at all. My question is whether we should watch from in the park first or out of the park first. I have ADRs for both scenarios.
On day 2, we will RD MK and stay either in park to eat at CRT and watch HEA or stay until we head to dinner at CG and HEA. On day 9, we will RD MK EMH and then break from 1-6 and then return to the park for dinner at CRT and HEA or CG for dinner and HEA.

Herein lies my dilemma: Should we watch from the hub first and then from a distance second? Is it better to have a super long day early in the trip than at the end? Will we wish we were staying until closing on our last full park day or will we be too tired by day 9 and happy to be at CG out of the park the last night? WWYD?

If I were the type to make these plans to watch HEA, I think it would be important to do it in the park first, and from further away later.

On the other hand, I’m the type to avoid HEA and go on rides during it instead, so my opinion may be of less value.

Perhaps @profmatt will offer an opinion - he loves HEA.

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I haven’t seen it yet either, but I wouldn’t want to see it first from outside the park knowing I was missing the projections.

HEA is the best thing ever and anyone who disagrees is wrong, stupid and ugly. Also, anyone who says it’s not as good as Wishes is dead to me.

Personally, I would do HEA at the park first, and at CG later.

HEA is all about projections on the castle. You need to see the full experience first. From CG you just see fireworks. It’s cool, and a nice way to end a trip I think. But it’s not the full experience.


You’re just jealous that you never got to experience Wishes from inside the Magic Kingdom.

I don’t hate you for it, just feel great sorrow.

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I saw Hallowishes. It was an embarrassment. I feel bad for anyone who’s ever seen it, and for the Walt Disney Company for taking so long to realise that Wishes was dreadful and needed replacing with something good.

And, actually, I have seen Wishes. I saw it on my very first trip to WDW in 1996. Well, I assume that’s what it was. There were fireworks. And it was at MK. At midnight. Tinkerbell was involved.

I say that to my students about the 1980’s. I’m sad for them that they weren’t there. It was a magical time. Well, you know, when you weren’t worrying about impending nuclear war.

That was my original plan.
My main issue is whether I will wish I were closing down the park so to speak on my last night. I think I’ll go with some nice wine at CG on the last evening to drown my sorrows. :slight_smile:


Completely understand this point of view as well. I’ve seen HEA with the projections and really enjoyed it from the confines of the dessert party viewing area. Hoping I will enjoy as much amidst the mass of humanity this time, as we aren’t doing the dessert party–too expensive for 6.

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Different Show, different storyline. Try again.

Also untrue. In 1996, the show was Fantasy in the Sky. Wishes didn’t debut until 2003.

So… I still feel such sorrow for you at having missed Wishes.

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I couldn’t tell. I was yawning so hard with boredom.

It’s fine. You liked Wishes. People like different things. I like awe-striking, life-affirmingly, mind-blowingly brilliant firework and projection extravaganzas.

You like some lame nonsense that Disney ditched out of embarrassment. It’s fine. God’s Mansion has room enough for us all. (That one was for you @ryan1.)