HDDR - worth category 1?

We have to pay out of pocket for one of our signature dining choices. Is it worth to pay out of pocket and get category 1 for HDDR or just stick with category 2? We are a family of 4, DD will be 11 and DS will be 7 at time. THX!

Category 2 is at the back part of the hall, but still downstairs. It isn’t a bad area to be in, and you won’t miss anything.

Certain Show times Category 1 are 2 TS credits

If you are planning to use 2 Table Service Credits (per person) from the Disney Dining Plan for Category 2 or 3-Level Seating for all showtimes or Category 1, 2 or 3-Level Seating for the 8:30pm show(subject to availability), then the option may be able to directly apply a connected Disney Dining Plan when booking Advanced Dining Reservations through your My Disney Experience Account.


I would pay out of pocket for the cheapest Signature meal.

You could use this link to help you figure out the average cost of your meals, unless you know what you are going to eat already.

I found the cost difference to be negligible for my date, so we went with Cat 1