HDDR & the DDP

Ok, slight panic here. I booked HDDR back on ADR day many months ago for my birthday dinner - 4pm show, category 1. We want to use the dining plan, and I thought that we would just switch from the pre-pay to credits when we got there. Now, come to find out, category 1 is not an option for the DDP at the 4pm show. SO, what do I do? The first and second shows are all sold out, and I really don’t want the late show. I do really want to use my DDP credits! Any suggestions??

Ok, I was able to answer my own question - I called the dining number and thankfully, they had a category 2 reservation. I feel that HDDR is a great use of TS credits because it includes beer, wine, and gratuity, and it is already pretty pricey. Big sigh of relief that I can use it, and though I did enjoy my category 1 seats last time, I am hoping that category 2 is also good!


I think that you will have fine seats…I have always been category 2 and we can see well.

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We had category 3 last time and even those were fantastic.

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