HDDMR Early and Late Shows

I’m trying to decide which Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue show to chose for our last night? The 6:15pm showtime is sold out so that’s not an option. Originally I had booked the 4:00 show but not that we will have the Tables in Wonderland discount I’m debating on whether or not to change it to the late show at 8:30 so that we could use the discount. The date that I’m looking at is Sunday, Nov. 23rd. It’s my DD’s birthday. Our plan was to go to HDDMR for dinner and then head to MK afterwards. Currently, MK is closing at 10pm that night. It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving so I’m thinking that maybe they will extend park hours. ?? Obviously, there are no guarantees.

Should I just keep the 4:00 ADR and not worry about the discount? 8:30 just seems so late for dinner. There are 5 of us (me, DH, and children who will be 14, 8, and 7 at the time of the trip). Thoughts?

We are night owls normally so we love to eat later generally. You amy get better seating a the later show too. I think it really depends what you are doing the rest of the day and if your daughter/kids/you will be tired out by the late show. When my kids were 6 and 3 we had them in for BBB around 4 pm then ate at CRT on the last night of our vacation (10 days long) around 8 pm and even though they are used to staying up late the trip had finally caught up with the 6 yr old and she was too tired to enjoy CRT. We had even rested that morning and only went to the park in the afternoon.

If it were me personally though, being our last night…I would choose the early HDDMR and then end at MK. Our family has a rule that we always end at MK and close out our vacation with the fireworks and a few last rides on Space Mountain and BTMR. We stay until the very last ride they will let us on.

Thanks for the response, @happytears123! We have a 10:30 ADR at Akershus that day too. The plan was to just hang out at the pool in the afternoon (weather permitting). It’s a tough choice because apparently my Akershus ADR is also blocked out from the discount due to the date. I might try to move it earlier in the week but I really wanted to go there on her actual birthday. Thanks again!!

I would keep the 4pm time by 8:30 it will be 10 hours since lunch. Also that would solve the issue with MK.

If it is one of your younger kids whose birthday it is that day, I would totally do Akershus still that morning if you are ok with not having the discount. We went there a few times when my kids were younger and they just loved it. It would be really special on her birthday!

Yes, it’s my DD who will turn 7 that day. She is a princess fanatic! :crown:

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That makes sense. I’m sure that even my DH would be extremely grumpy by 8:30 even knowing that there will be beer.

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Category 3 seats are perfectly good seats - and we like sitting on the upper rail, everyone gets a great view. I will say I somehow acted confused enough and the CMs were equally so that my TIW discount was accepted at the 4pm show. Total fluke but it happened and I was happy. Just gave it all as extra tip to a superb server!

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We usually do the 6pm show. This time did the 4pm. Loved it. Dinner done by 6. Less crowd waiting for boat back to MK. Did more rides then fireworks

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I can’t vouch for this, but when I asked about HDD 4pm tix (I’m going in Sept for the 1st time), I was told by many in chat that it rarely sells out & to get the “worst” seats because they’re cheaper & one will usually get bumped to the better seats, rather than having only one group or two seated in the balcony. So I tried that.

Also, my thinking was much like @wdwfamily3 : Get out of the park around 3pm during the worst of the crowds, then get back to MK @7pm as the crowds begin to thin out. Go well!

EDIT: FYI, this is only true of the early show.

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Thanks all!! I really appreciate your help in sorting this out. I think that the 4pm show seems like the best way to go. For our date, the category 1 seats were sold out so I purchased category 2 because I was worried that if I went with 3 we’d have the very worst seats.

I’m trying it for the first time in August. I got the 6:15 show but I’m thinking of moving to 4 as well to get that evening time in MK.

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Glad to here the Cat 3 seats are good. That’s what we booked in September. There were so many small kids in our group, that I thought it would be best if they could all peek over the railing :smile:

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Once again Liners are awesome! I am definitely going to follow this advice and do the 4pm show with some MK time afterwards. We are going in May so in case it is very hot, this will work out well and chances are high my 4 year old won’t have an overtired meltdown at 4 pm :smile:

@stacyj Great point about the little one. Bonus. Go well!