HBD or Shula’s Steakhouse

I’m tweaking my dining choices as a result of the ripple affect of booking some After Hours events. I’m very limited in my options because I’m booking so close to the time.

I have a choice of HBD or Shula’s. I drawn to Shula’s because (a) I’ve been to HBD twice before, and (b) I’ve never visited the Dolphin and it might be interesting, especially during the festive season.

Any love for Shula’s here? Or the Dolphin in general?

There’s no mention of a dress code. Is it fairly relaxed?

Big fan of Swan/Dolphin right here. Never been to Shula’s, but it’s pretty much a given that it will be in the conversation of best steakhouse in WallyWorld. Usually one of the top 3. A lot of conversations mention that the Swolphin restaurants, in general, are the best in WallyWorld since they are not Disney run.

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This is an out of pocket meal? I love HBD but Shula’s does seem special.

I would definitely do Shula’s over HBD. It does feel a little dressier than most Disney restaurants, the decor is very masculine and not whimsical at all. Food is excellent. Saying that, if you want a truly memorable steakhouse meal I’d go for the Bull & Bear at the Bonnet Creek Waldorf Astoria. Soooo good!

I’m really just looking for somewhere to eat, to be honest. I wasn’t wanting to spend big money — or big time. I have a slightly crunched few hours.

I want to see Sunset’s Season’s Greetings (projection show on TOT) at 6.15pm and Disney Movie Magic / Jingle Bam, which starts at 8.10pm and I’ll need to get there in good time to get a decent spot.

So I want to eat at about 6.30pm. I currently have an ADR for HBD for 6.40pm. I reckon if I just have an entree and a dessert I’ll be OK for time.

But then I saw Shula as a possibility. I’d eat there at about 5.30pm. I could catch SSG at 7.15pm and then stake out a spot of DMM / JBJB.

I ate at Shula’s in 2016 and it was an excellent meal. Expensive, but not by Disney standards. I think you get more for your money there. It has been quite a few years since I ate at Shula’s in Chicago, but I think it was the same in decor and quality of meal/service.

I’ve never been to HBD, so I can’t compare the two, but if you want a good steak, you’ll definitely find it at Shula’s.

As a proud member of the 48oz Club, it’s Shula’s all the way for me.

I’m a fan of the food and service, but the restaurant itself has never been remotely interesting, much less festive. I’ve never been during the holiday season, though, so they might turn it up a bit.

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I’d stick with HBD with such a small window in between activities at HS. It always takes longer to go somewhere outside the park.

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Totally agree. Shula’s will be rushed for sure, by the time you factor in getting there and back.

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Even if you stuck with HBD, I would tell them you just want to have an entree and dessert and you old like to try to leave within the hour. I think my meals there have always been at least 90 minutes. With travel time I do not think you have enough time in your schedule to enjoy Shula’s.

I wouldn’t need to travel to Shula’s. I’ll be coming to DHS from Yacht Club. So I would simply stop off at Shula’s on the way.

That being said I’m probably going to stick with HBD. I’ll have a main and a dessert and explain my timing to the server. HBD is very yummy. Shula’s gets good reviews but it also seems very expensive. And too much food. The smallest steak is 10oz.

That’s an appetizer.

I was thinking of booking this for our first night. Thank you for the recommendation.

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Be sure to let us know if you join the 48oz Club.

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