HBD lounge — grapefruit cake?

Sorry to be spamming the forums. I’m looking at lounges. Well, duh.

Can you get the grapefruit cake at HBD lounge? The online menu doesn’t list desserts at all.

I’ve never been to the lounge, but found this review on YouTube from November. Looks like a YES.

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Yes you can. We had planned to do just that last week. We asked specifically about the grapefruit cake and they said yes it can be ordered at the lounge. Sadly, it was so cold that they weren’t seating anyone outside though so no grapefruit cake for us.


Yes, this gave me the sadz. :cry:


I know it did. We just have to put that on the list for next time. That list that is getting longer and longer.


OK when I first read that I thought that must be some damn cold grapefuit cake.


It’s good to have a long list for next time to endure there is a next time!

Too funny. No it was the amazing Florida weather that we got to experience.:roll_eyes:

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I miss the days when they gave you a Derby shaped souvenir recipe card for Grapefruit Cake!

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