Having trouble with MK TP using FP

Hi All, I am looking for some help/advice on my TP for MK. We are visiting for a half day on our arrival day and are planning FP’s for PP, Jungle Cruise, 7DMR, stand by for Winnie the Pooh, the parade and dinner.

Our last day of our trip we will have the full day. I am trying to schedule the things we want. DH and DS want all of the mountains (space, big thunder, splash) and HM. DD really wants Enchanted Tales with Belle. When I put FP’s into my TP it keeps not using the FP for Enchanted Tales with Belle and shows that we can ride around 6pm with only a 12 minute wait. I have been watching the lines app, I never see any day of FP’s available for Enchanted Tales with Belle. So here is my question: Can I trust this 12 minute wait for Enchanted Tales with Belle in the evening? I would love it if I could trust that as accurate, because it would free up another FP, but I don’t want to not book a FP for Enchanted tales and then have a disappointed DD. What would you do in a situation like this?

Here is a link to our TP: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3420120

Edit: The reason you see Tomorrowland Terrace and HEA at the end of the day, is because we have the dessert party booked, but I couldn’t figure out how to enter it, so I figured this would be close enough.

Keep the fastpass you want.
Don’t allow the software to possibly disappoint. You have to tweak it for your needs.

If you have an 8:50 res at bog, get there at 8am if at all possible. You’ll be able to crush 2 headliners if tou want, by 9:30, instead of being in a restaurant during low crowd am. You can then modify your fp’s as needed, and start crushing 4th, 5th, 6th, etc, and then have a fp waiting for you when you return from your break.

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OK, thanks. Will they let us into BOG at 8am for an 8:50 reservation? I’m still working on getting an earlier one, we started out with a 9:30am reservation and I’ve been backing it up by 5-10 minutes whenever I can.

If it were me, I would not rely on a wait time of 12 mins for ETWB if it’s a “must-do”. I waited longer than that on CL 3 day WITH a FP last month.

There’s no perfect way to do this, but I think I would sub the HM FP for ETWB FP and take my chances on getting a 4th FP in the evening for HM (make sure to look at soon as you are checked-in for for your 3rd FP) … Of course, the risk is that you might not get the HM FP and be stuck waiting stand-by for HM later in the day.

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Thank you, I took your advice and took out HM and put ETWB in it’s place, and it works. I’m going to see how early we can get into BOG so I can take @seebee advice and try to get into that part of the park a little earlier.

In general, BOG before park opening is a free for all. We had and 8:30 last time and they still let us in and brought our food at 8:10. You can keep backing it up as far as you can, but get there early regardless. I have not seen reports of the very relaxed approach to PPO ADR times changing.

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Awesome, thanks so much, I think this will help!

Thinking day of FPs, if that all works out; with the PPO BOG you should get to ride 7DMT either just before opening or PPF right at opening. From my own experience and others’ reports. They usually run mine train a few minutes early but hold PPF until official opening time. Unless kiddos really want a second ride, that could potentially free up a FPP. You could either book that way from the start or play it safe and get the FPP now then drop day of and pick up something else.

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