Having issues Linking park tickets to my Disney experience

I just purchased park tickets through Disney fairytale weddings. I tried linking them to MDE and it’s just not happening. I have tried everything. There is no ticket ID number anywhere in my confirmation email. I’ve looked for it everywhere, I have been trying to use the " confirmation number" and nothing. I’m very frustrated because I thought as soon as I purchased them I would be able to link them up and start reserving fastpasses since I’m already late in doing so.

I’m assuming they are delivering actual tickets to my house and I will have to wait for them to get the ID number, but I’m very impatient haha. Does anyone know if there is a way around this? Has anyone else had this problem?

Are you within your FP window? The last two times I purchased tickets directly through Disney (party tickets and AP voucher) I went to link them and they were already linked through the purchase.

That’s what I thought might be happening at first but every time I go to tickets and reservations it says “you have not linked any tickets”