Having Issues Creating a Personalized Plan for Disney After Hours


I’m already making my fastpass selections and touring plans (personalized) in preparation for my upcoming trip to WDW. I am attending 2 Disney After Hours events, one at Magic Kingdom and the other one at Animal Kingdom, however, personalized touring plans DO NOT TAKE THESE into account and, I can’t specify the hours that these events are going to be taking place and I’m just being said that a ride is going to be closed at the time my plan begins and apparently there’s no way to indicate that it is a special event plan.

Does anyone happen to know how to use this amazing tool of personalized plans taking into account special events hours, and rides that’ll be available during these???

Thank you so much! Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I asked the same question a few weeks ago regarding AK DAH. At this point in time, you cannot create a TP during DAH events. The common wisdom is that since most things are virtually no wait or little wait that planning isn’t really needed. Even so, I’d like to have some idea of planning order of attractions, accounting for walking time and length of ride experience, etc. But, alas, as of right now it can’t be done.

So, my plan will be to create a plan that is time offset by a few hours. So, say, if we plan to be there from 7:00 until midnight, I’ll make a plan from noon until 5:00 pm, where noon is 7:00, etc. Then, I’ll create FPs for every ride we intend to go on during the event. I think that’s the best I can do unless/until TP adds support for DAH events. @len has stated it is possible to add, but didn’t state if/when that might happen.

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Hi & Welcome! Ask anything & often!

As mentioned there’s, currently, no way to use TP for DAH events.

I’ve been to DAH at AK, let me tell you - you don’t need a plan. EVERYTHING is a basically a walk-on. (After 9:30pm FOP will go down to a 20 minute wait. After 10:30… You can ride it as much as you can tolerate with no waits!)

I have spoken with many ppl here about DAH at MK and the consensus is similar. While not everything is a walk-on at MK, since it’s the most popular park, you won’t have to wait but about 10 minutes for most rides - except 7DMT and PPF. Those still draw 30+ minute queues.

EDIT - If you really want to be a “Super Planner” set aside a night when a DAH event is happening and watch the queues on your MDE App. (Subtract about 10% off the times since Disney inflates these to make it seem like the line was “faster” than expected.)


Thank you for your response! I think I’m going to to that and see how it works!

Thanks so much for that way of planning it! I really hadn’t think about it! I think I’m going to mix these two responses up! :blush:

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Having been to MK After Hours I will say you don’t need a TP. I would make a list of what you want to do & then put them in a logical order. We started in Tomorrowland and went clockwise around the park. The only thing we waited for at all was 7DMT and that was 20 minutes. Everything else was 5 min or less. This was July 2018.