Haven't even taken my first trip to WDW, but I am already plotting for trip number 2!

I had originally planned on taking a solo trip to the world. It would be my first trip. A friend asked if she could tag along and I said sure. DH was happier, as he was not excited about me traveling alone, despite the fact that I have traveled through Europe by myself. I started planning my trip and my friend seemed on board with all my plans, until DAH opened up and I suggested we take advantage of a couple of those. My said she didn’t think she was up to it and I asked it was okay if I do it on my own and she said sure. Then the next day she said she had nightmare that on our last day I would leave for the airport and she got really mad at me. I sense that this because of the DAH. I have decided to not go to the DAH, but instead save that for another trip in order to preserve the friendship.

So now I am thinking I will take another trip in the near future and ONLY do DAH. has anyone ever done that? If so, how did you like it? I would use my mornings/early afternoons to explore the various resort hotels (something I will have no time for this trip) and evenings to ride till I drop. I could do it last minute as I wouldn’t need to book fps. Sounds like a win-win! What are your thoughts?


My DH and I made a trip with only two weeks notice a couple of years ago so he could attend a conference in Orlando. I promised to not go to the parks without him. We stayed at SSR and I had a great time wandering over to DS to eat, relaxing on my balcony, etc. I spent a couple of afternoons exploring resorts.
I think you have a great idea for a solo trip and am looking forward to the trip report when it happens.

PS because of the time I spend here, I had the resort booked, tickets purchased, ADRs and FPP booked within a hour of him telling me about the conference. It was so last minute he couldn’t get a room at the conference and we “had” to book in the bubble. What can be better than having your employer pay for your room at WDW?

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