Have you used Instacart for grocery delivery while staying onsite?


Do I have to be at the resort (Bay Lake Tower) when the groceries arrive or will Bell Services hold the delivery for me?

Does the Resort charge for Bell Services holding the groceries from Instacart until I can pick them up? I have read the resort charges $5 for each package received, but it was unclear to me whether that was for just for packages shipped (like from Amazon) or grocery delivery to bell services too.


I’ve had groceries delivered to bell services (from Garden Grocer, Instacart, and Prime Now). No package charges. Just delivery charge if any from the vendor and tip to the bellman, especially if they deliver to your room. Easy peasy.
I’ve heard the charges are for mail/ups delivery packages.


I just screen shot a recent post in chat:

There was no alcohol in the order but they would not leave with bell services.


I used InstaCart and had no issues. I met them out front of the hotel with a bell services cart and then had bell services bring it to our room. There was no charge just tipped the guy from Bell Services. We have used them a couple of times and haven’t had an issue.


Wow. That is a mess! Thank you for sharing.


There were a lot of posts that when it happened to others they received a refund but this liner did not. I guess I was surprised by how many people had issues.