Have you ever been so "in the zone" that you

Have you ever been so “in the zone” getting to your ride queue, ADR, character M&G that you did something you were sorry for later?
For example… On Sunday, I was on my way to the people mover with two kids in tow. There was a large family stopped just outside the ramp going up to the ride. I thought they were checking in with a fast pass (why?) or just stopped as so many seem to do suddenly right in front of you without fear of being run over. I scooted around them and got on the ramp. The woman freaked out and started yelling how I was so rude. I turned around and retorted “what are you waiting for” and was informed by her that they were waiting for a person in a wheelchair that a CM was helping off on the side. OH. I could not see this person as my view was blocked by the large family. CM was very nice and said we should all keep moving, There was no talking to this woman and DD5 was upset by the yelling so I continued up the ramp.
In hindsight I could have slowed down or asked if they were in line. Any similar experiences on either end?

Oh sure! Things things happen despite our best intentions. People can be stressed, feel claustrophobic, etc even at WDW.


Don’t let it get to you. On Friday I was in Epcot waiting on line for the bathroom, big surprise. I was next and a handicapped bathroom opened up, and a non-handicapped person got out. As I was next in line I went to use that bathroom. When I got out I was chewed out by a woman for using the bathroom, asking how would I like it in her shoes. I tried to be polite and said I was just trying to keep the line moving, and tried to be nice, she was just bitter.

In retrospect, I wish I had chewed her out right back, but it was probably better the way it happened. Although I was a bit off for a few minutes after.

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For sure! I found myself the next day jumping down the throat of someone cutting me off in line at the food court after we had been waiting quite a while and he slid into that empty spot right before we could move up. An overreaction on my part, I think, and also maybe a reaction to the people mover lady. Stress definitely gets to people at the happiest place on earth!

Yes, I guess I am still a bit off if I’m still thinking about it today. Had her reaction been more calm I think I would have checked myself and slowed down. My DD’s were visibly upset so I tried to move past it.

It’s funny, I was at a banquet last night and I had the urge to rush the buffet line before the line got long!

We were in Epcot on Friday too, beautiful day!

The large stall is not a shrine to be left empty. In the real world, advocates for folks with disabilities would say all stalls should be large enough to be universally used by all.
As a courtesy, one should always let another who is in distress proceed before them if a line has formed to the first available potty. Whether that is a small child, pregnant woman or adult doing the peepee war dance, shouldn’t matter.