Have you dined at Shula's? Have you had the Prime Rib?

Anyone eat at Shula's? I am looking for a restaurant with a good prime rib lunch/dinner for my father's 74th birthday dinner. (this is the meal he has requested for our January trip). Many thanks!

And also - can anyone compare it to Yachtman's Steakhouse? We'll be staying at the Boardwalk so either one is an option. I have not tried either one.

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Thank you for asking this's! I was looking at menus tonight!

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Now, we just need some replies! This is when I kinda miss the old chat...responses seemed to be faster when we were all in one place. I am sure someone has eaten at both places....very curious and very torn as to which place to celebrate my Dad's 75th bday (I was wrong in my post - it is a big bday!)

This was mentioned on chat just a day or so ago. Seemed that many liked Shula's though I'm not sure if anyone specifically mentioned the prime rib. Why not head over to chat and ask?

I did but am not getting too much of a response.

Replying again in the hopes that morning people have info!

I've had the prime rib at Shula's and been to both restaurants several times. The prime rib is huge, flavorful, and has an excellent ratio of marbling. I would not order it any more cooked than medium rare. It could take an hour to eat it.

The service is a touch better at Yachtsman. The size of the food - the spectacle of how big things are - is impressive at Shula's. I think Shula's food is just a little - and I mean by the tiniest margin - better.

Bob (Sehlinger) is out of town, but I'll ping him when he gets back. I think he'd slightly prefer Shula's too, and exactly for the prime rib, which he's ordered every time we went together.

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@DisneyLady1991 - I don't think either restaurant is open for lunch. Even if Shula's is, I can't imagine eating that much food and doing anything useful for the rest of the day.

If you go to Shula's, may I recommend the Shellfish Trio appetizer? Also, I'm a fan of strip steaks, and the Kansas City Strip is my favorite at Shula's.

ETA: If you go to Yachtsman, I'm told by excellent sources that the server to ask for (in advance) is John Schneppi.

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I have eaten at a Schula's, but not the one in Orlando. The meat was fantastic and cooked perfectly, but it was very expensive. Frankly, if I was paying for it myself I would not go there - although it was better than steaks at other restaurants (or steaks I cook myself), but it was not that much better.to justify the huge cost difference.

To be honest, when I go out for an expensive meal, I want something that I cannot cook myself. I can do a mean steak if I put my mind to it. smile

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Like @brklinck, I have eaten at a Shula's but not in Orlando. Food was outstanding and equally expensive which I am ok with. I have only eaten there at business gatherings and have a hard time imagining DS5 behaving appropriately. He has does fine at CG, Narcoossee’s, and LC, but I just haven't been comfortable trying Shula's yet. Really want to though!

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I haven't been to Shula's and I do hear great things, the chain aspect honestly turns me off. Yachtsman I do love alot and I know that they do age their meat there too. which to me is why you get a steak out in the first place. I've had the Strip steak there and absolutely loved the Rib-Eye there.. never had the prime rib so cant help you on that front, but I am sure its good.

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I have made a reservation for five and cannot wait to try this place. We will walk and scoot over there from the Boardwalk in January. Woo woo!😙🍴🍷

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