Have you booked a VGT for a Disney Cruise?

We were booked on the Fantasy for the 8 day Western Caribbean cruise with a 10% placeholder discount. We booked it in November 2021. Got an email from Disney and checked out the cruises with VGT savings. Our cruise was on the list. I called my TA. Our cruise isn’t until October and she said it was really unusual to have GVT this far from the sail date. Because we would save just under $1200, I changed to a VGT room. We were booked Veranda 5A category and had room 9148. I felt the risk was worth it? Please tell me it will be worth it…Anyone ever booked VGT and been super unhappy with their room?

Hmm…that’s tough. Because they could bump you up to the Deluxe Family Veranda, but the 7A verandas are also in the mix so you could be bumped lower.

I did a 9B GTY once where I knew they could not put me LOWER than a 9B and ended up with one of the stupid Deck 5 cabins midship. I like being higher and further forward, so after that I decided I’d ONLY do a GT rate a) if it was a specific category (like 9B GTY - NOT IGT, OGT, or VGT) and only if it was the best friggin deal in the world. It’s more worth it to me to pay a little more and know that barring extraordinary circumstances, I’m getting the cabin I booked.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. Last year we were in 6690 on the Dream and it was an extended veranda so I figured the regular veranda that we had booked this year was going to be disappointing after having that huge veranda last year. I went through and counted how many obstructed view rooms were left on my cruise; there were 30 left on deck 5 and 6. There are almost 200 regular veranda rooms left and I looked but didn’t even count how many family veranda rooms there were. There seemed to be even more of the family verandas available. For $1200 I was willing to risk it. I’ll let you know in October what we end up with.

Using Disney Math I figured now that I have $1200 that I would have spent on my cruise room, I can change the two day stay before the cruise from POFQ to AKL.