Have rooms at Poly's Rarotonga recently been reclassified?

We booked a standard view room at the Poly last February. Using TP’s room finder, we requested and got a room in Rarotonga (and TP showed most of the rooms in Rarotonga were standard view). Now i’m wanting to request a room for an April trip, and TP is showing that none of the rooms in Rarotonga are Standard View. Is this new or a mistake?

I do recall they reclassified some rooms around last summer. I think they introduced a new booking category.

So while I don’t know the specifics, it would explain why those rooms are no longer in the standard category.

The monorail view rooms are still standard, but the other side are considered pool or the third is considered themepark view now.

Hmmm… they aren’t showing up on TP’s room finder that way. I hope that’s the case!!

I booked a standard room at the poly (via MVT) and requested Rarotonga via the room request form. Received 2nd floor, monorail view.

How long ago was that? We did the same (last February), but it looks like they may have reclassified those rooms in the meantime (at least according to TP’s Poly maps). Thanks!!

In Dec 2016 I got a standard room in Rarotonga, top floor with theme park view, it was excellent as we could see the top half of the fireworks, and the quiet pool. If they are now categorised as theme park views then I wouldn’t recommend, but for a pool view they are a good choice.