Have parking lot trams fully returned to operation yet?

Just wondering if anyone has seen/ridden the parking lot trams recently (Jan/Feb 2022).

In my most recent trip, we only used buses so we were never in the parking lot to see if the trams have returned to operation.

They are only running at MK at the moment.

Disney announced trams would return to AK, EP & DHS in…wait for it…”2022!” :wink:

Ha. Love the specificity they give us!

So, they can cram people into the Haunted Mansion stretching room, but trams in the open air outdoors isn’t safe?

I think this one is more of a staffing issue. DCP seems to be returning in higher numbers (at least in my CM DD’s area) this semester though so hopefully the staffing issues will get better.

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The last entry on this thread was in February 2022. Could someone please give an update on the tram situation at each of the 4 parks?

They are back at MK and AK only right now.

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