Haunted Mansion too scary for 4 & 2 year old?

Those of you with young kids, have you had any trouble with them being scared after riding Haunted Mansion? I don’t want to ride anything that might terrify them and make them not be willing to try other rides later. I figure we’ll have many more Disney trips once they are bigger. Both DH and myself have ridden several times in the past so i’m ok not riding.

I think you know this answer because you have ridden it. This attraction is Disney at their creative best and it’s an awesome ride! They are too young.

Skip the stretch room, that was always the worst part. Ask a CM how to do so. Also have the watch it on you tube, maybe even watch the movie, I never saw it, but it may help.

DD has loved it since 2 and is now 5. On recent DLR trip she wanted to go multiple times and said it was one of her favorites.

Haunted mansion is a funny one - my little guy loved it at 2, but hated it at 4. It 's almost like when they are very little they haven’t learnt to be afraid of ghosts yet! But I say skip it, it’s just not worth putting them off dark rides - I couldn’t get my little guy to go on Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh towards the end of our last trip due to an unfortunate scary dark ride incident.

But opinions will vary on this one - kids are all so different!

Yes, yes, yes. Too scary. Totally freaked out my 5 year old, wasn’t worth it.

No way of answering this - it’s almost like asking if your kids would like pork chops. They might be scared, and they might not - as @Ellen1976 said, it depends if they have learned to be afraid of ghosts yet. It’s not like they are doing things to deliberately scare guests, like having CMs wearing goalie masks and wielding chainsaws jumping out at you.

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Ds4 walks by it and knows “that place is scary” so I’m not taking him on for awhile!! I’m scared of scaring him And then he won’t get on it till he’s 20!

Our oldest daughter went on this when she was four (she’s 11 now) and was fine. My second daughter will be four on our trip in November and she scares a little more easily than my oldest. I have let her watch the ride on YouTube so she knows what to expect. She is actually looking forward to going on the ride now. I think it is all in how you think your kids will react.

I was freaked out by it until I was 13. And even now (39) parts of it still creep me out. So … there’s that.

My kids loved scooby doo. “It’s silly like that”… I said. They’ve ridden since 2yrs no issue. BUT- every kid is different.

I had a conversation with my kids before we went to the mansion about how the “ghosts” in there were all funny and silly and my 2 year old actually giggled the whole way through. My kids really judge things based on my reactions though…you know your kids best…mine are not very “scardey” Mine were exactly 2 and 4 DDs when we first went and they liked it. It wasn’t one they wanted to ride over and over, but they enjoyed it. It always helps with mine to talk about things before and after to keep things in perspective :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice. My kids don’t tend to get scared easily. They love the Halloween stores with all the animated ghosts, zombies etc. But they could still react completely different to this. I’m taking it off my touring plan, but I do like the you tube idea. I think it will give them an idea of what its like. We’ll be at MK 3 days (2 half days, 1 full). We can always fit it in on the last day if I find they’ve taken everything else really well and they want to try it.

@shajbeck, your kids sound like my littlehead. We’re big halloweeners here, and in the scary sort of way. He has to hit all the animatronics at the halloween store. DS5 liked the haunted mansion fine, although there was a part or 2 he hid his face. Like others have said, it all depends on the kiddo.

The hardest part with our 4 year old was convincing her to go on it. Once we went on it, she was nervous, but had no meltdowns or anything. The way we convince her to go on any sort of ride she’s nervous about is promising her a pressed penny (ideally of that ride) once we get off it.

Her reaction to Star Tours was….much less positive. I think we could get her on the Haunted Mansion again, but probably not on Star Tours for quite some time.