Haunted Mansion refurb/FPF+ unavailable for Dec. 2?


So I'm totally bummed that HM will be under a refurb during our exact week....but at least it reopens our last day in the park. BUT I did see on the TP FP+ availability that it says distribution done for that day it reopens!?!? (Insert freak out)....
But does anyone think that's perhaps a glitch due to it not being available yet b/c of the refurb? Surely it's not completely booked for that date as of now?


For rides in refurb fpp open up a few days after planned reopen date incase of delays. Once they know they are on schedule they will open up other days. They often do not offer it at all for first day after refurb.


Oh good to know, thanks!! I really didn't think they were all gone already, lol.