Haunted Mansion on MNSSHP

I’ve heard that there is something different about HM during the Halloween party. What is it and what time does it start? Are the lines super long for this attraction on party nights

I have never found the lines to be super long. The CMs all wear makeup during the party. They report for their shifts in Makeup so it can be before 7:00.


They also have actors outside of the attraction that act as ghosts - the woman is “Madame Carlotta.” They interact with the people waiting in line.


Beat me to it.

The lines CAN be long early in the evening, but towards the end it, gets lighter and lighter. I definitely would check out Madam Carlotta if you can, I found her to be highly entertaining. She interacts with the guests in line, but you can (I think) head over the FP line (which is inactive during the party) and catch her.

She does 2-3 shows over the course of the night? One of the best parts of the party.