Haunted Mansion - Nightmare before Christmas Overlay

Quick question - when do they usually flip the Haunted Mansion “Nightmare Before Christmas” back to the regular version?

Trying to schedule a time for my Florida pals to see DLR and wanted to make sure they can see this, we are thinking Jan, but not sure what my time window is…


It should be back Jan 17, 2015, going by previous years. That’s also inaugural Star Wars half weekend so might be busy. DL’s 60th anniversary events start in Spring 2015 so not sure if refurbs’ll continue before then. Mouseplanet has weekly DLR updates that you can check.

Ooo! I wonder if it’ll be back in time for race weekend. Silly thing is always down during DL Half weekend…I’ve yet to bully my kids on to it! And so I don’t get yelled at for “bullying…” - ToT = good to them… IJ = loud and creepy :slight_smile:

So just to clarify, when in January do they normally close the Nightmare Haunted Mansion to guests? WDW takes down the holiday lights/decos so early in Jan…
I couldn’t find it on the “refurb schedule” on the Disney site, but thought someone might know when it closes, historically.

They start holiday overlay removal the week after New Years weekend. This year was Jan 7, 2014.

As most know, I had a September trip planned. I’m probably going to rebook for the same week in 2021.

The WDW Haunted Mansion is my FAVORITE attraction. (I have ton’s of merch & etc…)

I absolutely hate Nightmare Before Christmas. Not a Tim Burton “Goth” fan. (Except Beetlejuice) Plus, I worked at Blockbuster in the 90s. I had a manager that played it on the overhead TVs ALL DAY. Another reason I can’t stand it)

However, it might be nice to see a “different” version of HM. Does this overlay “vomit” Nightmare all over it or just a few “nods” to it?

I picked Sept for low mid-week crowds & I do want to see the GotG:MB overlay. I don’t think I’d rearrange my travel plans just because of HM.

All opinions appreciated. (I’m also, just trying to find something DLR to talk about!) :laughing::mask:

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So… .my understanding is the DLR HM is basically the same as WDW. (WDW has a couple extra scenes though) Is this accurate?

Maybe it would be fun to see it just so I can have an opinion of it. (Like or Hate)

I don’t want to be “that guy” that hates on a ride just by reputation. But I think it will be sad to not see it as originally imagined.


I personally like the haunted mansion at Disneyland versus Walt Disney World. However the two are very similar in the original format. The overlay is definitely in my opinion vomited all over it. I personally also prefer the original over the overlay in the haunted mansion. I am also not a huge Tim Burton fan. We will go on it if we can grab a fast pass or the wait is minimal. I would never wait more than 15 minutes for the overlay. I do believe that a ride through with the overlay once is in order and it is cool to experience something that you cannot at WDW. To sum it up, I don’t love or hate the overlay, I am more meh about.


The graveyard scene during the Overlay is so bright that you can see the ceiling. This takes me out of the magic and is one of the reasons I’m not fond of the overlay. Also, the ballroom scene isn’t as magical. The rest isn’t so bad. I like the portraits as you enter. I love Zero in the long hallway! But really the only overlay I love is the Guardians - Monsters After Dark. That one is fantastic! Everything else is just okay for me.


Meta: weird popping into this thread not realizing the original post is from 2014 and prepping to tell them there will be no holiday overlay this year. :joy:

To your question, @darkmite2:

TPM Vids did a video last week about WDW vs DL HM. His conclusion was that they are very similar but WDW includes a couple scenes within the ride that at DL are walk through before or after the ride, so he gives MK the edge. However, he mentions that the famous Hatbox Ghost is only at DL, so some people might prefer it for that alone.

Personally, HM has never been my favorite ride. I’m not really into spooky stuff (even happy haunts). But I enjoy the original version better than the overlay. The Nightmare stuff is ok - not too much, but kinda fun. The problem is it’s super popular so the lines get long.

As mentioned, it’s too bad you’re not going this year because they almost certainly will not be doing the overlay if they open this year at all.

(Ugh. I really hope my October trip happens or I’ll be a super grump for Halloween!)


I completely agree that the guardians Halloween overlay is amazing! I just don’t like that it is a bit shorter, but in order to complete the higher demand, I get it. I also love all the creative Halloween decor in cars land. Really well done. I also like the various seasonal songs in Mator’s Junkyard Jamboree (Halloween and Christmas). I am ho-hum about IASMW until the Christmas overlay goes on and then I cannot get enough of it! I am so heart sick to know that none of this will probably happen this year.


Agreed on Monsters After Dark!