Haunted Mansion - Nightmare before Christmas Overlay

Quick question - when do they usually flip the Haunted Mansion “Nightmare Before Christmas” back to the regular version?

Trying to schedule a time for my Florida pals to see DLR and wanted to make sure they can see this, we are thinking Jan, but not sure what my time window is…


It should be back Jan 17, 2015, going by previous years. That’s also inaugural Star Wars half weekend so might be busy. DL’s 60th anniversary events start in Spring 2015 so not sure if refurbs’ll continue before then. Mouseplanet has weekly DLR updates that you can check.

Ooo! I wonder if it’ll be back in time for race weekend. Silly thing is always down during DL Half weekend…I’ve yet to bully my kids on to it! And so I don’t get yelled at for “bullying…” - ToT = good to them… IJ = loud and creepy :slight_smile:

So just to clarify, when in January do they normally close the Nightmare Haunted Mansion to guests? WDW takes down the holiday lights/decos so early in Jan…
I couldn’t find it on the “refurb schedule” on the Disney site, but thought someone might know when it closes, historically.

They start holiday overlay removal the week after New Years weekend. This year was Jan 7, 2014.