Haunted Mansion magic bands availability

I’m arriving on Friday afternoon. Can I buy this magic band at the Emporium when I arrive or will I need to wait until the Halloween party on Sunday night? TIA

As long as they still have them, you should be able to get them on Friday night. No need to wait until the party.


Last week (Sunday) we were at the Emporium and they had a huge wall full of them.

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Is it insane of me to want every single special magic band they put out? What’s next? CoP magic band that plays “it’s a great big beautiful tomorrow” when you scan your MB?


MagicBandLand is the first (and likely not the last) dedicated MagicBand web resource I’ve seen. Looks brand new, too.

That would be awesome.

Since I’m staying offsite this trip I need to buy one… might as well buy a cool one.

I’d buy one for sure @roguepixel!

You are not alone and I think that is a fabulous idea. Yes, I would buy it.