Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke

Has anyone heard rumors of if they'll have the Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourkes at the new Yankee trader when the refurb is finished. DW is dying (no pun intended!) to have a HM Dooney and we'll be in the World during NYE and she would love to grab one. Any ideas?

Fun! I haven't heard anything, but I hope it's true. One of my good friends who will be at WDW with me in November loves Disney Dooney & Bourke bags.

Yup, it will happen, but no one really knows when. In January, Disney Parks blog hinted to some Haunted Mansion Dooneys in "late 2014." It will not be the same pattern as the one from last year, which is a shame because it was awesome.

I saw it for sale in the co-op in July.

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We've been looking for one for a year.. its never in the stores and one morning at RD we ran to the shop and they were already sold out.. damn ebayers ruining it for all bought them all

I know I had a friend report they were at the co-op so I looked. They had three behind the register in the back of the co-op. I know you cannot depend on it but that was twice in the same week.

I'm hoping they will be available when I am there in September.

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I was browsing on Ebay and saw a Dooney Haunted Mansion purse that looks different than all of the others. Is this one of the new ones? Has anyone seen this one in the store. Not sure if I can post this, but here is the link to the Ebay one - not my item for sale smile.

Mouse Gears had them last month. So did the Co-Op

Yup, I saw that at the co-op too.

Thanks - what size is it? Hard to tell from the pictures and the seller has absolutely no info about it. Kind of looks like a crossbody??

I do have the newer one with the purple lining - but it is really big. Paid too much on Ebay smile.

The one I saw was a full size purse.

Sorry, I was wrong! Found this post from the disneyparks blog a few months ago...looks like the same pattern will be back!


.Well - they showed up today on Disneystore - too bad they are out of stock. 4 new sizes.