Haunted Mansion Crystal Ball Popcorn Container

I’m not a big popcorn container aficionado like I know many Liners are, but this one is pretty cool!

Text below borrowed from the FB group D23 Members, Expo Fans & Attendees.

For those of you who weren’t able to order a sold out Cinemark Theaters “LE Cinemark Exclusive Light-Up Madame Leota Crystal Ball"popcorn bucket last week, we are excited to share the news that Cinemark is now taking pre-sale orders on another round of Madame Leota popcorn containers!

This new round of buckets is scheduled to ship in November 2023. Cinemark is accepting pre-sale orders until 8/13/23 so hurry and pre-order yours now at Products | Cinemark
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Ships November. :roll_eyes:

This should be available NOW for moviegoers to take to the theatre with them

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Or at very least end of Sept to use in Oct Halloween decor.*

*because Oct is the proper month to start Halloween decor, Disney. Not August, much less July.


I agree - but FWIW I believe it was originally a limited edition (maybe D23 attendees only?) and this is kind of a 2nd run after the popcorn bucket zombies probably attacked the booth.