Haunted Lightsaber

DH mentioned to me that his lightsaber he built at Savi’s has been making weird sounds while it has been turned off. Like he’ll walk into the room and it will make the sound. He will turn a lamp on and it will make the sound. He couldn’t replicate the sound for me, but he found a video on YouTube that demonstrates the same sound his lightsaber is making.

First time it happened, it scared the crap out of him. He read online that some people suggest it could be a low battery thing? Just curious if any of you have experienced this and if you resolved the problem.

Yup, it’s a low battery thing. Once they get low they start doing weird things. Like make the “singing” sound(the sound you hear in the video) igniting all by itself, making the short circuit sound, etc…

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Ha! That’s good to know! His is inside its case so can’t tell if it’s self-igniting or anything. I’ll have him replace the batteries ASAP!

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Also, how long do the batteries typically last? He’s turned it on maybe 4 times for a couple minutes each. Otherwise it’s been off and inside the case. It’s only been about 3 weeks since he made it.

The ones from the park are pretty pathetic. However popping some good brand batteries (like Duracell) in there and it’ll last for months.

Though I can’t tell exactly…mine keeps getting activated constantly. It’s so weird. :crazy_face:


Hmmmm, wonder how that could happen…

Yeah, I’ll check the closet for some high quality AAA’s. If we don’t have any, I’ll just add them to the grocery list. Thanks for the help!

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force ghost for sure.


I took the battery cartridge out of mine for now. Was going through batteries quick with very little use.

We’ll have to see how long the new batteries last. It’s certainly an option to take them out, but it feels like a waste of $200 to not have the option to turn it on at will :wink:

Agreed… just drove me crazy that every time I turned it off the light would flash internally for 10 minutes! Which is what I assume was draining my batteries so fast.

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Oh, that’s strange. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but I haven’t noticed that. Although it’s not my lightsaber. Hopefully we will have a little better luck!

It happens when there’s no blade inserted. So if you don’t have a blade, it’ll do the blinky thing. Like when it was being constructed.

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Forgot to mention that. I display mine on my desk without the blade. I’ve since picked up both the Vader and Anakin legacy sabers… and so far they seem to have better battery life than my Savi’s build.

Yeah, I think It’s because they don’t have crystals inside, so they don’t need any “show” and therefore done waste power needlessly.

Good point! Also, I just looked and they use AA vs the AAA batteries in the Savi’s sabers.