Hashtag(#) for team pics on 24hr day

Should we use #wdwliners or is there a special one for our teams to collect points?

As long as everyone is listed here, it should be good. http://forum.touringplans.com/t/bbw-instagram-link-for-liners-new/12753/1

If the team’s decide to do a specific hashtag, then that’s fine too. I’m easy.

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Just want to make sure we are doing this right

:slight_smile: I think by this time the rules are WAY more like guidelines than anything else. Just have fun. Did you see that we are hoping each player will submit their own score sometime Saturday or Sunday? I don’t think anyone has the energy to be super upright about the scoring at this point.

We have to keep track of our own scores…oh boy! Did not know this.

You don’t HAVE to. It would just be nice and make less work for the people at home. If it’s too stressful or takes away from your enjoyment of the weekend, then don’t worry about it.

Here’s the link for the discussion about it.


There were some discussion at one point that our team would use a certain hashtag to make photos easy to find, but we haven’t decided on one. Since everyone’s tallying their own scores, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal either way, and hopefully, that at home players have already followed their in park players.

I think hashtag is good so we can easily
See everyone else’s fun!

I like that idea^^