Has Something Changed with respect to making ADRs on MDE?

So today I logged on to MDE see what the latest restaurants menus and prices are for an upcoming trip in February. It seems the Dining layout on Disney’s MDE website is completely different since I last accessed it for a trip last spring. Has something changed??? I can’t select from the drop down menu anymore to find a specific park or resort restaurant, and then view all potential places at that location, and then check availability for a given date. Instead I am limited to only seeing those restaurants with availability reservations by a date. When I logged on and clicked on “all dining” from the drop down menu all I got was an alphabetical list of all restaurant that had reservations available today. Navigating MDE from that page to see restaurants by location or venue (i.e.: quick service, sit down, etc.) was tough, almost impossible. I had to change the date to see anything different. And even then it only seemed to show restaurants with seating availability, nothing more. All the links (make reservations, about dining, all dining) under the Things To Do/ Dining pull down menu eventually take me to the same page.

I hope my explanation is making sense. So for example to see that the latest menu and cost was for a Br/Lunch or Diner meal at BOG, I ended up clicking on the MK theme parks image in the parks map located to the right of the alphabetical restaurant listing to find the BOG restaurant page with the menu and availability links I am familiar with.

Is this something new? A web site change I missed? An old forum’s post I missed reading? Or am I just a MDE-site dummy doing it all wrong? Making ADR’s is difficult enough without all this new time consuming MDE navigating PIA. Not to mention now how all the Touring Plans “how to” advice for navigating Disney’s web site to make ADR’s I’ve relied upon so successfully all these years is woefully out of date. I have not checked the Disney app on my Phone to see if it works any better. What am I doing wrong?

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On my PC laptop, using Chrome, I get a dining page that has indeed been slightly changed (as has their park hours page). It has a dropdown menu for selecting a location, such as a theme park or resort. I think it was working for me to show all the choices, regardless of what date, etc was in the boxes at the top of the page. Don’t click on the “Search Times” box on that main page, it often works better to go to the individual restaurant’s page and then start choosing your date (and then checking for time).

This is what I see near the top of the “all dining” page. The red line is around the dropdown menu for choosing a park, hotel, or other location. The blue box is aroung the “Search Times” box and also around the “Clear Filters” button.


I had trouble finding where they moved it, too!


Usually what I do is type the name of the restaurant in the search field. This thread has me thinking I’m probably doing it wrong. :thinking:

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The filter is still there on the app. It’s at the bottom of the page, rather than the top.

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Hey thanks mkmuzzy! :+1: I did not see that All WDW Locations drop down menu you circled in red. Its what I was looking for and why I panicked not finding that. It was hiding in plain sight. :roll_eyes:

Since writing my 1st post, I’ve had a chance to play around with it some more. All I can say is that one needs to familiarized themselves with this new layout ahead of time and not wait until their 60 day window arrives for making ADR’s to figure it out. The change was unexpected and confusing for me. I found it irritating having to accidentally scroll thru all 395 restaurants in alphabetical order to find the ones I wanted. And some important links are small and in hard-to-see, tiny gray colored font. The old, familiar way of accessing these dining options by using the drop down menu under Things To Do is Gone With the Wind now as all those links take you to the page you showed. I just hope now that Disney has not also made some other stealthy change to the process of making reservations for you entire length of stay once a person’s 60-day window opens.

Thanks again for the help!


I didn’t notice that filter in the top left until a couple of days ago and was equally frustrated by having to scroll down growth 100 restaurants with every search. Once I found it life was better :wink: