Has anyone used Uber to go from WDW hotel to Universal parks?

Planning on a Mears shuttle for 2 from Poly to Universal. Want to be there for rope drop. But has anyone used Lyft or Uber to do this? Would love to hear how much it cost and if it was easy to get a lift early in the morning.

I’m interested in this too - we will be going to universal mid stay and have wondered if uber would be the easiest way

Will run about $15-$20. If you use my promo code when you sign up you can get $20 free. My code is michelles6825ue.

download the app and get a quote, I did that and it works out about $40 cheaper for the day for 2 of us I think we wont be doing it until October but It may also add flexibility to PU and DO times as I was worried mears wouldn’t get me there for RD

Thanks so much! Would love to hear how it goes: our trip is in January.

Recently took Uber 1st thing in am from Wilderness Lodge to USF for rope drop. Came in 5 mins. Left around 7:30. Took half hour. 5 -7 min walk from drp off to the gate. Cost about $23-25. I used $30 1st ride promotion. Fantastic experience. Great app. Great driver. Clean car. Used them coming back as well. Same great experience. Hope this info gets to you in time. Didn’t see post until now.

Right on Pittypoo! Thanks for the info! Sounds like this might be a great option for going to different resorts for dinner too.

hi, we are back from our trip and successfully used uber to travel from our hotel to universal. There was only 2 of us so we just used basic Uber, id assume if you want to squish up you could still fit 4 people in as in most cases we had camry’s nissans and in one case an Uber XL car came instead of the small car I ordered but at a small car cost. we stayed at holiday inn on hotel plaza boulevard. it cost about $11 each trip to or from universal the time of day did affect the cost so peak or late times are more.
We felt secure, they were always there within 5 minutes and drivers were all friendly and professional so essentially mears had quoted $23 each return for the day and we did the trip at 23 in total for the day so it was great.
for universal they drop you where all the shuttle busses etc are going to go anyway so we just followed the crowd through city walk to the entrance from there

Thanks so much for the info and I hope you had an awesome trip!