Has anyone used the new Club Disney Children's Activity Center? **Found Information**

I convinced my 5 year old to spend an evening at Neverland on our visit in Feb 2015. She agreed based on the photos I found on the internet and then I found out that it’s been re-branded Club Disney. Has anyone had an opportunity to try it yet? I can’t find any current information on it, other than it’s replacing Neverland.

This is her vacation also, so it’s important to me that this be as magical as possible for her.


I can’t find anything either! I know that’s not very helpful. Maybe my comment will bump this up in the Forums and somebody with experience will see it.

Here is the link

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Thanks for the info. I have my DS6 booked for our upcoming trip and he has been 2x before. He says he can’t wait to see how much more fun they made it.

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When are you going? and did you get a reservation? We will be there in Feb 15 and I can’t get a reservation. The system wont let us book. CMs can’t explain why. I’ve been trying since my 180 day mark.

He’s booked for November 13. I was able to book him at my 180 day mark in May without a problem. That’s odd. Have you tried calling the Club directly to find out why or ask for a Supervisor CM?

Two of the 4 Cm’s I spoke to, IM’d their managers and they didn’t know what was causing the problem either. Everyone just says call back next week.

I can’t find the phone number for Club Disney. The only number listed for it is WDW-DINE