Has anyone used the corporate discount thru delta?

Hey peeps…has anyone ever used the Delta corporate vacations? I get better prices using that over anything else I’ve seen- TA, disney.com, orbitz etc. But I’m wondering if you can still do the $200 down and pay the rest later…anyone know? Also, I have spoken with a couple of TA’s who don’t do the corporate discount (it was my original TA who told me it even existed!) but do you know of any who do utilize it? I’m just so scared I’m going to screw something up for such a huge trip, is why I want to use a TA! Help!

I am sorry, I do not know, but I am trying to move this to “latest”.

You’d really have to contact them to know for sure. Disney’s policy is to pay the deposit and then the rest within 45 days. Most TA’s follow this as well. Some companies, however, may request the amount in full because they don’t have the infrastructure to keep up with potentially 1000’s of consumers and which dates apply to which person. I would guess there is a phone number for the vacations group that should be able to answer the question for you.

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