Has anyone figured out a way to secure Magic Bandits?

The pop in one’s I heard of people losing them easily. Besides superglue any other way that I can secure them yet change them?

I’m not sure either, I’ve heard the same. Have you seen the MB decals from My Fantasy Bands? We used them last year and they stayed on all week. So many cute designs too!


From day one, there has been a problem with these popping out. Other than glue, I don’t think there’s a solution

Here I go again: if anyone orders from my fantasy bands there is a discount code: enchantedtikitalk20. Also, if you are a podcast lover and do not listen- give them a try!

I got a bunch for a gift for my birthday. I was thinking maybe a double sided tape might help,… any other suggestions as I would like to change them out, I don’t really want to use glue.

I read somewhere using small rubber bands around the snap part, but I tried my son’s orthodontist rubber bands for his braces and they are too big so nix that idea.

Following…I cannot believe Disney has not addressed this problem. I hope someone figures out an answer to share. I bought magicbandits for my kids for our upcoming trip and am nervous about losing them. I was thinking hot glue since that becomes a solid and maybe I could peel them off.