Has anyone dropped their free dining today and switched to room only discount?


Just curious if people have been switching resorts now that WDW has released their late fall room only discounts.


aw heeecccckkkk yes!!!! I'm so happy. so excited. My hotel is sold out too, fyi, but they can just swap which offer you have. NO change to pkg number, easy peasy.


What resort are you at @Mrs_Beast?


Yep. We did. I ordered APs too so we'll just use the TiW discount and not worry about dining credits. I was having trouble getting through on the phone so I hung up and called back saying that I wanted to book a NEW resort reservation and voila my hold time was pretty much non-existant. But they were able to just switch out our existing reservation. grin


@MrsIncredible contemporary- with poly and WL pools closed suddenly it went wide open to no rooms!!


I sure did!!!! Thanks to Lines I got on the phone in time to get the last room available of my 1st choice. grin


They still have to have availability under the offer at our resort to swap you. Having an existing reservation does nothing to help you get a new promo that is offered. There are still X many rooms available for that promo and once gone they are gone.


I think @Mrs_Beast said on chat that the CM made an exception and switched it for her even though it was booked up...a little pixie dust, if you will...


@PianoMinnie based on what trusted liner TAs are saying... Sounds like she must have. She didn't make it sound like that on the phone - but seems like my original booking agent who said "no worries we can always switch the promo just call and ask" must have given me bad info and/or I got VERY lucky. I'm calling it pixie dust and running with it. wink


We switched from AOA to POR when the discounts came out.


the usual discount is 30% right? and that's only off the room cost? we do a lot of character meals, im not sure if room discount would be worth it for us. but we stay value.. not sure how it would work if we upgrade.



I think the 30% was only for the Deluxe resorts. Value was only %15. We switched to Mod for only $200 more for the entire trip because the Mod was 20% I believe.