Has anyone done the WDW Resort Fishing Excursions?

My kids (6 and 8) are interested in learning how to fish. DW and I have never fished and wouldn’t know how to teach them. Would the WDW Resort Fishing Excursion from the Contemporary be good for 2 young aspiring fishers who need some instruction?

YES! My family did this twice (2014 and 2017 so somewhat dated) Our guide was awesome- he handled the bait, would cast if you wanted (or in the case of our youngest couldn’t). The pontoon boat is comfy and stable; with my DH helping DS and the guide with DD I could sit back with my Diet Coke and take pictures. We absolutely loved it and planned to do it again but then COVID and it took a while for it to come back. The biggest potential downside is that a bad day at WDW is better than most days elsewhere so it could set some unrealistic expectations :slight_smile:

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Did the kids catch any fish?

Everyone but me (but then again I spent a lot of time drinking my DC and taking pictures). The guide referred to it as a slow day but it’s more (and larger) than we usually got when we took the kids.

Some pics from the first year, they would have been 7 and 5 at the time:


Thanks! Looks fun! I think my kids will love it.

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They will love it. I recommend doing the early morning excursion to catch more fish and not be on the water in the heat of the day. My son and wife did not want to get up early, so it was just my daughter and I for the first part of the excursion, but the guide happily went back to the dock to pick them up a bit later, so they could join us for the second half. Highly recommend! Also, kinda fun being out on the lake catching fish as everyone heads to magic kingdom. A different view of Walt Disney World

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I did one with my nephew years ago… he had a blast, and that’s all he wanted to do for the rest of the trip, even though his grandparents have a house on a great bass fishing lake!