Has anyone done a comprehensive list of snacks included on dining plan for 2024

I tried looking out there in the world of the web, but most sites seem to have what was from prior years.

Like at AK - one site has Mr. Kamal’s listed as a snack credit, but the disney site says no dining plans? Would it say that even if snack credits can be used there?

Just think it would be useful information for both those purchasing and deciding to purchase the dining plan.

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We had this very discussion last week one forum level up.

The only thing we were consistent on was that Disney is very inconsistent with their labeling. What’s on the website may not agree with what’s on the menu board.

I found this list too.

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I have been looking for this as well. It seems that they are very inconsistent at the moment. One Vlogger (can;t remember who, possibly Adam Hattan) said they ended up asking CMs about items and then found that more were available than they initially thought especially in bakeries etc.
As a rule I’m going with the $5 threshold. Anything over that price is likely to be good use of a credit, anything under a poor use. By no means foolproof but an easy rule to follow when in the parks.

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Ive been looking for this as well. I am surprised Disney food blog doesnt have a list yet. Not sure why.

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They rotate in and out so quick, that by the time they get the list compiled, something changed at some oddball kiosk in the back of Toontown that everyone missed.