Has anyone been by Space 220 lately?

Is it looking promising to open any time soon? I had heard rumors that it might open late July/early August, but haven’t heard any updates lately.

Have not heard that rumor. It’s not even showing up on the WDW website as “coming soon” so IMO it’s still a long way off from being open.

This photo is from June, and is featured in a gallery on WDWMagic.com which frequently shares aerial photos of new construction projects at WDW. As you can see, this building looks very far from completion, so I would say based on this we are still months away from even hearing anything.

Also - where did you get the name “Space 220” from? I hadn’t heard a name mentioned yet

That isn’t the official name, but the code name Disney has been using for job postings. Whether they keep it or not is tbd.

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The last I heard on Disney Dish was August is a “hopeful” opening date. Right now there’s so much construction going on in Orlando that there’s not enough people to do the labor.

Thanks! I will keep my fingers crossed for a late August opening, but if not, we’ll check it out next trip in a few years.

You shouldn’t have to worry about ADRs, I heard there will be plenty of space. :wink: