Harvesting Paper Towel Rolls: A funny misunderstanding

So we all know it’s wise to bring a paper towel roll with you to AK for the Animation Experience.

The rolls at work are MUCH sturdier than your usual Bounty or similar. So before our trip at the end of June I harvested 4 of them over a couple of months’ time. And they worked GREAT.

Fastforward to more recently. The other Disney Nut in my office, one of my nurses, is prepping to FINALLY get back for their first family visit since before the pandemic. I went to use the paper towels one day and found it was out. I had to change it and so I harvested the empty roll and left it on my coworker’s desk.

Time goes on and I do this at least one, perhaps two more times.

Then, I stop by and say to her, “almost time to harvest another roll for you!”

She turns to me and says, “YOU’VE been leaving them on my desk?!?!” She thought someone was being passive aggressive and rudely suggesting she might want to change the paper towel roll. :laughing:

When I reminded her why I was giving them to her the lightbulb went on. It was a pretty funny misunderstanding when all was said and done.


She must be either really calm or really busy. If I’d thought that I’d probably have found out who it was and tried to ram the tube where the sun didn’t shine!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


This. No time to sort through BS. Forge ahead


I had not heard of the paper towel roll hack for Animation. Last time we got Heimlich - fun but not super special - and my drawing is only so so.

So, folding it is ok. Heimlich is still sitting folded on my desk (wonder what the gestation time is on a frame . . .)

I sure hope to recall the role of rolls for our next trip. Just in case my drawing’s better.

Place a bookmark to pop up and notify you just in time! :slight_smile:

We had four with us for the four of us. We found it wasn’t necessary that we each had our own and put two - and - two We gave the other two to a family who was just about to put a gawdawful crease in their beautiful drawings


:flushed: What?! Not super special? My DD18 would kill to get Heimlich!


I will have to remember to harvest some for January.

Prolly she draws better :rofl:

eta super special would be like the fairy godmother or other super special characters I can’t recall right now. There are several. Very special. I know they’ve got names . . .


I think that’s really good! Certainly better than I could do :joy: But I wouldn’t be excited to have Heimlich.

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I think I’m mostly disappointed in only doing some of Heimlich. A bust of a caterpillar is kinda weird.

The animator cracked me up when he said, decorate the butterfly however you’d like. I think I’ll call her Minnie. :grin:


At the Animation Academy in DCA, you mostly just do the head or face of the character. They also do not give you as many guidelines on the paper, and as a result my drawings from there are sub-par to say the least. :rofl: We have a different set of standards, I guess, because our super special characters would definitely include Heimlich, Stitch, Mike Wazowski, etc. I don’t know that DD18 would even be interested in Fairy Godmother. :rofl:


Is…is that the difference!!!

All this time, ALL THIS TIME! I thought it was me. I have probably gone in over a dozen times and have never once walked out with something I wanted to keep past the first trash receptacle.

I’ve never ever thought to do the AK one (mostly because I didn’t know it was there), but even if I did, my time at DCA would have made me skip it anyway.

THERE’s HOPE! There really is hope /sob.


It’s an age thing I’m certain. :wink:

(My oldest great grandson just turned 18)


Yes! I have never done anything worth keeping at DCA, but have had some success at AK! You should try it at least once.


:mumbles: i think i can, i think i can!


I had so much fun at Amination Academy at Animal Kingdom. It was cool to be taking a complementary art class. I impressed my family and friends. Not everyone knows about this opportunity at Disney.

…we do?

I thought we all did. But maybe you didn’t?

How do you keep your drawing from being smooshed

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I don’t. When it’s done it gets folded up and put into my backpocket or into the pouch in my day bag

I’ve always used the excuse “the crease gives it character” annnnd then iron the crap out of it when I get home :stuck_out_tongue:

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See this is why I’m no good at creative/art stuff. I need it to be just right. Creases would make me crazy.

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