Harry Potter Weekends

We planned a 3-day January trip to Universal way back in September. I can’t believe I missed this, but apparently, we are there during HP Weekends. My DD, 11, is a huge Potter fan - but as we have already purchased tickets and rooms, I don’t want to amend our trip by canceling existing plans for a weekend package from Universal. Which is a few hundred more than we already spent.

I’ve read Seth’s information in the Unofficial Guide and online, and it seems like the most we’d miss without a package is preferred seating and actor Q&A. It seems like the wand dueling choreography and the extra exhibits are free for everyone with a ticket.

Has anyone been during these weekends and can you offer some firsthand experience? I’d like to manage my daughter’s expectations around what we can and cannot get into. Also would love to know how much fans dress up and the overall fun factor.

The CLs are 2, 3 and 5 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We’re staying on site and have the UA pass, plus the extra hour. Our park dates are Thurs., Jan. 25 - Sat., Jan. 27.


I don’t have the answers to all your Qs, but I found this–
Costume guidelines:

A Celebration of Harry Potter™ attendees may wear costumes in Universal’s Islands of Adventure™ and Universal Studios Florida™ theme parks January 26–January 28, 2018.

No masks, facial coverings, veils, long trains, live animals, swords or weaponry are permitted. Any home-crafted wands must be rounded on either end and must be appropriate in nature.

Costumes cannot exceed 28” (inches) wide x 80” (inches) high to meet Universal Orlando’s metal detection regulations. Costumes are subject to secondary x-ray screening. Universal Orlando™ will have sole discretion to decide whether an item is permissible.
Any item deemed inappropriate will be turned over by the owner and may be retrieved at the end of the day at the Universal CityWalk™ hub.

If a guest is spotted in a costume that is not deemed permissible, he or she will be asked to either remove the costume and change into something more appropriate, or exit the park.

Costumed guests may not give the impression that they are Universal Orlando™ Team Members.

To ensure guests’ safety, some costumes may not be permitted on certain attractions.

Bartenders and staff reserve the right to request that a guest remove any type of facial covering for identification purposes.

As guests enter or exit the parks, they may walk through CityWalk™ in costume with no masks or facial coverings, but not enter or linger in that area in their costume.

Here’s the link where I found this information…

This will be our first year going. We’re excited too :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: