Harry potter stuff all in one day or split it between our two days?

So we are going for two days in early april, and I have express unlimited for both days. My question is: Should we do all Harry potter stuff at both parks on day 1 and then do the other stuff on day 2? Or just one park per day? I would still like to ride the train either way…


I like to do a bit of Harry Potter every day we are there.

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For our first-time visit with 7 year old Harry Potter fans, I loved junking out on all things Harry Potter on Day 1. Then doing the rest of UO on Day 2. We too did a recent 2 day trip, although we needed a morning on Day 3 to get in everything we wanted.

I was glad we did it this way. But when we go back for another visit, I suspect we won’t want to do it that way. Was a great way to experience it all for the first time, but now that we have, maybe do the parks in a more standard way.

I think that would also depend on how big a fan you are? We are super huge fans but are still only devoting 1 day to both parks + plan to do the Marvel / Jurassic stuff. We’ll see how it works out, but HP is our priority and if we are stuck there all day, so be it. :wink:

I have heard it gets crazy crowded in HP first, so maybe do them on the 1st day and then you’ll have a more relaxed day to do them again or other things the 2nd?

Do wwohp before 11.30 and after 5.30 ( depending on park hour) and the other stuff in the middle of the day.


As a huge HP junkie, I like devoting an entire day to HP. I like to fully immerse myself and get lost in the theming. I can spend hours in Diagon Alley alone. Of course, I sometimes go back the second day, too!

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