Harry Potter - Solo Early Touring - Timing

I just booked a couple of nights at Universal - mostly for me a Harry Potter fan. I have not been to either park since the Harry Potter stuff opened. We are staying at Royal Pacific. I will be the only one in my family that will ride Escape from Gringotts and FJ. I thought I would let my family sleep in one day and tackle these solo. I am sure the rest of the family would like to see the other parts of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

About how much time should I allocate to do both rides using early entry and back to the hotel? I tried to plug it into a touring plan and it was giving me EFG at 47 minutes at 9:10 - would that be right? Would I be better waiting for EFG first and not do early entry at Islands of Adventure?

Thanks. Trying to get a grasp of unfamiliar parks.

We had early entry when we stayed in January and September; both times we did Gringots first then train over for FJ. Wait at Gringotts at early entry was listed at 20 mins but did not wait that long. Train over to IOA was very brief wait. All in all I would allot about 2 hours total to include walking to park entrance, ride, train, ride and park exit. For me, early into Diagon alley is a must…so much to take in and easier to do so without a crowd.

Thanks! That should work then. We have two day there and are really only interested in the little kid stuff and Harry Potter. I will plan on doing this on the second day - letting the family sleep and then we can hit up anything we missed on Day 1.

Only IOA has early entry right now, but USF unofficially opens 30min early. If you have more than 1 day I’d do early entry at IOA on one morning, and Diagon on the other. Otherwise, you can do IOA for 30min then take the 1st train to IOA. Wait for Gringotts at park open has been about 15-20 min lately.