Harry Potter Return Tickets

Has anyone heard about the return tickets for Harry Potter rides on busy days?
Here is an article giving instructions:

Doesn’t get used very often now Xmas New Year and maybe Easter If you do rd you will not need to worry about it. It was used alot in the first year of Hogsmead and when DA opened but not so much now.

Thank you! Going March 30 so a little anxious about crowds. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as I’m anticipating!

By planning and hitting rd you are doing alot to help yourself. A few tips Be at the gates 45 mins before opening at least. It can take 15 minutes or longer get from car park to gates. It can take over 5 minutes to park car ( allow time for everyone finding their stuff also) Check the universal web site for changes to park opening hours as they update them with very little notice. If all else fails and you find the queues too long you can buy express passes on the day valid for 1 express ride at each participating ride in either 1 park of your choosing or both parks . Enjoy .

Thank you!!!

Make sure you read this:

Great help- thank you!