Harry Potter Merch

My DD5 is a huge Hermione fan, and we're targeting a trip to UOR this January to give her the chance to see all of the HP stuff. We'd love to get her a robe, etc. like the one that Hermione wears. Do they sell that sort of thing there for younger kids, I hope? Not seeing anything on the website, but I'm kinda assuming they have a broader selection in-park.

Any wisdom? TIA.

I only recall seeing the adult sizes in my trips but I could have missed it.

I can check in two weeks for you if you like

I'm sure there were children's robes 2 years ago, they are so expensive though! This was in the Post Office in Hogsmeade.

They do have robes and wands and scarves and timeturners and even crookshanks for your little Hermione @rosemergy! But they are kind of expensive...

Wonder if the Halloween costume store would have something that would work, if the parks dont?

Pretty much figured they'd be expensive, but if they're high quality, I'd rather get her one of those than a halloween costume that is unlikely to last. I would expect it to get a lot of play!

How expensive are we talking, though? North of $100?

Some people that handmake them:

Or you could buy a couple of Halloween robes, figuring they will wear out, but as they are cheaper you can buy a few:

I know the adult ones are at least $100.

Robes are available in small sizes at Madam Malkin's (Diagon) and Dervish & Banges (Hogsmeade). Prices were around $80 last I checked.

A few years ago, I got my kids official/licensed Halloween robes. They were $40-50ish apiece. Note tho - there were two versions. A cheap felt kind and a thicker/velvety "deluxe" one. We got the deluxe ones. They looked great and held up nicely for many wearings.

I am a cheapskate and gave my kid my graduation robe. You could do a grad robe and just buy the Gryffindor scarf as a cheap alternative.

We were there just last week. They had robes to fit my 6 and 10 year old girls. They are adult sizes (xxs and xs). The robes ran about $100, scarves around $35–did not look at ties. We ended up buying officially licensed deluxe Halloween kind from Rubies via Amazon.