Harry Potter Forbidden Journey

Couple of questions about FJ.

  1. If you are going on the ride as a family - do you automatically pass the lockers?
  2. If people in our group dont want to go on but want to stay with the group can we hold onto our bags or do we have to check them. And can we get off line right before the ride starts?




1 - the lockers are a bit of a mess. Best thing to do is send someone directly to the lockers and then have them meet up with the rest of the family in line. Most people allow the “butting” due to the locker situation. Make sure you remember the locker #. I didn’t fully pay attention and I paid for it. There are a lot of combination of 8 5 3 - HA

2 - I don’t THINK you have to check the bag if you plan to not do the ride at the last minute. However it is a FANTASTIC RIDE. It is quite possibly the best ride I have ever been on and I am a thrill junkie. NO it isn’t fast or anything else - just an unbelievable ride. I would suggest you check the bags so you have the option to go on the ride.

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there is a child swap room at the front of the line. The group that doesn’t want to ride can do the entire line with you and just go in that room with all of your bags while you ride.

Thanks for the information. That’s what I needed to know.

I agree. It is the most amazing ride anywhere!!! :slight_smile:

So we just got back from Universal. You can walk through the castle with your family and your bags and just get off the line when you get to the front. I did not go on but I did go on the Gringotts ride and it was awesome. My wife and kids loved Forbidden Journey but my wife said I made the right move. Thanks again for everyone’s advice.


Can someone speak to the spider presence on FJ? I can ride anything, but I need to know more about the spider situation…

Yes spiders. But not a lot

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All in one place, but some are massive, I shut my eyes as soon as I see them. Of course, you have to be careful not to open them again right under the biggest one…

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okay - as much as I hate to ruin a ride with a ride video. I think I am going to watch one so I can see when they show up… I used to be crazy about it, but I lived in Australia (where the spiders are gigantic); so I’ve calmed down a little. Just don’t want to be surprised by gigantic Aragog… stupid spider. I think I can handle them if they are only there for a short time and if I know when they are coming.

I’m terrified even of tiny spiders or pictures of spiders so I feel your pain. I knew they were going to be there at some point though, so I mentally prepared myself. Before I shut my eyes!

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Thank you for that. That is very encouraging!

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Just remember - US won’t let the spiders do anything to you - they won’t hurt the people spending $$$$$

FYI…I was told the ride picture is taken at the spider part, so you will have closed eye pictures.

Well aren’t they clever…guess it will either be sheer terror or eyes closed :slight_smile:

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Interesting. We always do single rider so we don’t even look at the ride pics.