Harry Potter exploring questions

HI folks. first time posting having read quite a lot so far. Need to ask some fairly basic questions…

Family want to go to Universal to explore WWOHP. We’re a bunch of wimps (honestly!), so just want to explore Diagon Alley, ride Hogwarts Express, explore the castle and some may ride. Possibly ride Gringotts. Only other ride interested in is my favourite ET. going at Christmas and def not at park opening!

  1. Do we even need a plan?
  2. What’s Gringotts ride like? We like Splash M, BTT, not SpM, Everest, ToT etc. Worth looking at pre ride scenes etc?
  3. Likely to be able to do castle tour? If not would queue to see castle.
  4. Assume Universal is as busy as Disney, likely to need to wait before entering Diagon Alley? How long? One way train ride only?
  5. ET before Diagon Alley or at end of visit.

Any thoughts, tips please…:grinning: Thanks for helping a newbie.

1This is your plan 2 It is amazing nothing in wdw compairs you must ride 3 maybe/ maybe not. Its very fickle. No castle tour first or last thing and they have bern known not to open it when busy also. Regular queue can be done then take chicken exit 4 No waits anymore The ticket entry system hasn’t been used since DA opened Do train both ways. 5 Depends on queues DA is amazing at night the free e book on tp website is awesome I will post the link to it for you later. I would suggest based on your likes look at the Jurrasic park ride it is similar to splash, flight of hippogriff is tame and if you like Buzz then Men in Black might be worth a look. Forbidden Journey is awesome. I can’t ride space mountain but I can ride FJ. EEverest I can ride 1time only to give you an idea. FJ is not a roller coaster it’s an interactive ride. If you like Gringotts then FJ is more intense.
Feel free to ask any questions Mx

Thanks, appreciate the tips.
We went 4 years ago, so only seen Hogsmeade. We all rode FJ and I actually enjoyed it even though usually I am a bit of a wimp and can get motion sickness. I rode Sp M once, 24 yrs ago with husband, and clung on terrified!! For that reason not tried Everest, ToT. So if FJ more intense then will do Gringotts. Is the pre-ride setting as great as Hogwarts? That’s why all family happy to queue for FJ even tho not everyone wants to ride it again. Def planning to ride train both ways if poss. Good to know we won’t have to wait to enter even if crowds high.

Last visit we did do quite a lot of the rides at Universal but family have all said this time just want to do HP. This visit we all seem to be more relaxed, want to soak up xmas mickey cheer, do a few key rides and wander through parks rather than try to cram it all in. My plan is to plan, get FPs and then chill, knowing must dos are covered. :grinning:

If you have watched the films you will find gringotts queue amazing its an attraction in its own right. Its exactly like being in the bank in film 7/8? Don’t want to spoil it but to be inside the banking hall then from there go through another number of areas including an office ( think Dumbledors in FJ) an elevator ride and more.

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And do the train ride both directions as it’s a different story line each way and great fun