Harrp Potter Rides Now Accepting Universal Express


Hi , its seems that all the Harry Potter rides are now accepting Universal Express passes.

I just checked this and they do say they do in the official Universal APP.

With this in mind , will the personalised touring plans be updated with this information ?
All of my waiting times so far are at the Harry Potter rides , so it will make a big difference to the timings now they all accept Universal express passes



That's odd - the website is not showing Gringott's or Forbidden Journey on the list yet.

Regardless, I thought I'd just let you know that my husband and I were there a couple weeks ago. We did not have early entry or express passes (just spent one day while down there for Disney). At about 9:30 we went straight to Diagon Alley and rode Gringotts as basically a walk-on. Spent some time in Diagon Alley exploring and then went to Hogsmeade where we rode Forbidden Journey with a less that 10 minute wait. We had CLs 4 and 5 for the two parks. It was Sunday, June 18


It might have only been from today , but it is showing in the App

Would be good if somebody there in the next few days could confirm



that is super strange - especially since you have to pay for it. I'd be really irritated if I paid for expecting one thing and then two rides were no longer included. I'm sure it's in their fine print somewhere, but still...


Two rides have been added, not taken away. Until today, you couldn't use Express Pass on Harry Potter rides.


Is this a definite thing? If so it's great news!


I'm going to be there in September. I just went and reevaluated my TP and the HP rides are now using Express Pass.


I guess I've finally waited long enough; maybe it's time to go... :slight_smile:


Yes it started today.


Of course it did. I was there 2 weeks ago!


Always the way! We waited 70 mins for Kong last year, only for it to start taking Express Pass 2 days after we left.


That stinks!!!


So pleased about this! :grinning:


This is good news and bad news for me.

We've booked a VIP tour motivated in part by the fact it was the only way to queue jump the HP queues. Now it's not, though VIP gets you straight to the front of the line. Plus the VIP pass turns into an Express Pass after the tour is over.

We have three days at Universal. The last day I'm on my own and have an Express Pass so my plan to spent most of the time at HP will be even better now.


Hi. I did my personalised touring plan a few weeks ago with express passes for non HP rides. Do you think I should do the plan again with the addition of HP rides? Did it change your plan by much? Thnaks


I think if you just Evaluate the plans again , it will add in the Express Passes for the Harry Potter rides.

Then you can see if you need to change the ordering of your tour.


I would definitely re-optimize it. I just re-optimized mine and it saved me an entire hour over the course of the day, as well as rearranging the order of the rides.


I had the same results as rebeecky. I re-optimized mine and it saved me an hour. At the very least re-evaluate.