Harmony Barber Shop

We’re thinking of getting my son’s hair cut to celebrate his 4th bday while at MK. We went to BBB for my daughters 5th and wanted to do something a little special but we don’t want to take up a lot of time like the pirate one does or BBB.
Does anyone know about how long it takes? With a reservation? As a walk in ? Thanks!

We did this with a reservation and minimal wait (5min?) It was quick, probably took under 20 minutes. It was the first haircut for both my kids and a very cute experience.

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Similar experience here for DD1’s first cut. We arrived about 15 mins before, waited about 10 mins and then the haircut took about 20 mins. It was quick. I would recommend a reservation though, or stop in on your way into the park in the morning to see when they have availability.