Hard Rock vs Royal Pacific for one night stay

We will be driving over to Universal (from DW) to do 2 days at their parks. We will be doing a 1 night stay at either Hard Rock or Royal Pacific to take advantage of 2 days of early entry and express passes. Since we won’t be doing much resort stuff is it worth the extra $30 bucks to stay at Hard Rock since I hear it’s a closer walk to both parks? Is Hard Rock a closer walk to IOA? Since that will be our Early Entry park both days. Any advice appreciated!

I’d do RP. It’s really not that bad of a walk to the parks. I stayed there in July and it was great.

I"d also recommend RP. We were there last spring-break and the walk really wasn’t that far…

Thanks guys!

HRH is much closer to USF than RPR but only a little closer to IOA. You can’t go wrong either way, but I love RPR.