Hard Rock questions for recent attendees

Working on convincing my wife to go to Universal around Jan 3-8. A few questions for those who may have stayed at Hard Rock lately.

  1. Anyone know for sure if the pool is heated? Figure we might want it that time of year.
  2. I’ve seen some reviews on Trip Advisor that club level isn’t worth it right now due to the location and limited fare. Anyone have thoughts?
  3. Do you automatically get club level if you get one of the larger suites?

Thanks in advance. We have stayed at RPR and Portofino, but never Hard Rock and I think the location is probably the best due to the proximity.

We stayed club level in June. It was absolutely worth it for us, and I think the covid location was actually better than up in 7th floor. We spent nearly every night after park close at the pool - very easy to run up to conference room club location for food and drinks (the fried chicken was delicious). I think 2 nights we had dinner just eating club level “snacks” in addition to breakfast every morning.

Location might not as handy in January, likely too cold for pool. We’ve been to Orlando in early Feb and got lucky with 1 unseasonably warm afternoon that the kids were willing to brave pool - even heated, I’m not sure Jan/Feb are pool weather.

Club level is specific rooms, not just any large suite.


We’ve been to Hard Rock early Feb. NO ONE at pool, so I assume it was too cold. We’re southern so definately too cold for us. Also, when we went parks closed early in off season, most dining closed much earlier then the parks. Cant speak on club level. If its not that much more the food alone could be worth it! Dont bet on dinner in the parks.

I read an article on Paste where someone went to the parks and wasn’t allowed to eat outside by Krusty Burger. Do other restaurants allow you to eat outside at one of their tables? What about at CityWalk? Is there outdoor seating available?

This is helpful. I’d been thinking of a Feb. trip. We enjoyed a Feb trip this year, but on our next trip we’ll be spending more time in the water. DH thinks that 80F water is a “bit nippy”. We are Texans.
We are now thinking first week of May. My hope is that is after the Spring Breaks but before the school closings.

He would be correct, lol. But, I have heard a 72 degree spring is quite refreshing in 50 degree temps. Ill never try it but I guess the closer the temp to outside would make it feel less warm??? Lol

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